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the capacity of a community to create and maintain communal existence through the management of the local resources in a way that assures the survival and interconnectedness of the members of both the community and the environment 1

our model

DIY Yoga School is an experiment in reimagining sustainability and exchange in communities.

Sustainability is created and maintained on an ongoing basis.

What is sustainable for each of us is different, depending on our context.

Our goal is to be as transparent as possible about the process of building a resource, in community, that can sustain holistic wellbeing – emotional, social and financial – in our community.

Presence and input – just showing up – is truly the most valuable aspect of building this community right now.

We recognize that each member of this community has a unique situation, and we welcome the participation of all in whatever ways are sustainable.

Financial support can be offered via Venmo @diyyogaschool.

see financials

What it currently costs, in dollars, to run this platform.2

“Resource does not happen at the beginning… Communal resource is work, is action. Allyship is a verb.”

Resmaa Menakem

1 Definition adapted from Virtanen, Siragusa and Guttorm’s definition in Introdcution: toward more inclusive definitions of sustainability shared in the journal Current Opinion on Environmental Sustainability, June 2020, and available here.

2 As we launch, the time and energy of those involved – some of the most precious resources we, as individuals, control – has not been included in any calculation of what is “costs” to create this space. This is our calling and work, and giving time in service of creating this resource is what we are able to do, in this moment.

Resmaa Menakem quote from his video Allyship is a Verb. View and support more of his groundbreaking work and learn with him at, Cultural Somatics University, and through