DIY Yoga School launched in January 2021 as an experimental platform to host community-led classes and workshops. 

Acknowledging that yoga is union, DIY Yoga School exists as a space for guides from all backgrounds to share practices that have sustained a sense of wholeness in their lives. The goal of this “school” is to provide a container for our curiosity about different ways of finding and fostering our connection to our selves, each other and beyond – through time and space.

DIY Yoga School is committed to making unity-promoting practices accessible to all.

DIY Yoga School is committed to offering a container for a curious practice. That container is simply access to: a community of folx who can help organize classes, a Zoom platform, a centralized calendar, and email and social media channels for sharing offerings.

DIY Yoga School is committed to racial equity, social justice and inclusivity. The collection of offerings within this container strives to offer avenues for all to participate, be it in-person, virtually, or via call-in.

DIY Yoga School is committed to fostering everyone interested in sharing a practice or holding space for exploration in whatever ways we can. All are invited to guide DIY Yoga School offerings.

DIY Yoga School is committed to offering free or sliding scale classes, as determined by each guide, for each offering.

DIY Yoga School is committed to transparency in making this space sustainable. All of the ways that we organize will be shared to invite conversation and insight with and from others doing the work of organizing.

DIY Yoga School is committed to experimentation and a process of becoming. This space will remain fluid and open to possibility.

A note about the logo:

The logo for DIY Yoga School was developed by the wonderfully talented Alyssa Giannini, a creative inspiration and all around lovely person to encounter. In addition to being an artist and maker of all trades, Alyssa also maintains DoDIY.org, a mother lode of resources for folx making safe and inclusive spaces to share DIY music, art and community. We cannot recommend checking out their work – all of it – enough!