DIY Yoga School is an experimental DIY and yoga space providing a container for students to create their own intuitive embodied practice.

Based in Raleigh, North Carolina on land inhabited, traveled and tended by the Tuscarora and a long, proud lineage of peoples and beings who have made this place what it is, DIY Yoga School offers free and sliding-scale online and outdoor yoga and movement classes, expressive arts workshops, writing circles and conversations.

DIY Yoga School holds space for students to share a journey of yoking together mind/body, theory/practice, experience/story, ideal/real, both/and – space to bring our curiosity. Through guided movement, meditation and conversations, we explore what it is to seek alignment in our bodies and souls and to express that alignment through our actions, in community.

We look forward to co-creating and sustaining our practices with you.

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Want to connect with ideas, questions or comments? Reach out at hello@diyyogaschool.org.